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My name is Julien, I graduated in 2016 as a computer engineer from the prestigious Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne. Two years later, after realizing that the routine of the corporate world wasn't for me, I decided to become a digital nomad and to offer my skills remotely as a freelancer.

100% remote

I am everywhere around this little planet. No need to get me to you nor to check whether we are in the same area or not. Today emails, Skype, Github, SVN,...,are all a developper needs to interract efficiently with his team. However, I stay open to relocations for special cases where physical presence is required.


My political opinions shouldn't interest you, except maybe if it means paying less! I am no business man, I don't seek to get rich. I charge for what I need. And I need little. You will pay what you can for your project, my philosophy is to make IT accessible. For more details, go to the pricing section.

My services



The website of your association? a web application?



Android and iOS applications


Other IT projects

Data mining? Artificial intelligence?
Concurrency? Before being a developer, I am a computer engineer.

YOU set the price!

1tell me about your requirements

I need to understand exactly what you want to determine the complexity of your project. Does it cover a lot of features? Does it require specific engineering skills? How advanced is the UX design?

2Offer a price

This isn't bargaining here! I expect you to be honest and tell the price you believe your project is worth. If you truly have no idea, don't worry: I will give you a minimal price which covers my daily expenses. However, I believe money shouldn't be a barrier to IT. So if your budget is too narrow, please let me know how much you can afford and we will find out a compromise together :-)

3We sign the contract!

Once we agree on a price and an estimated period, we're all set! You will pay at the end for delivery (NB:for long-term projects, we will agree on a down payment).

Check some of my code: